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Monday, July 06, 2009

A new Deal: Location based bargain shopping

Say I'm at Target and something's on super sale or clearance. I post it and you see it. You happen to be next door at Home Depot and you swing by and pick up the hamburger that's 99 cents a pound.

Say someone's at another store and they are giving away free ice cream like Gander Mountain was the day before Hurricane Ike. Post it!

Then when you're out and about, you pull out your iPhone or compatible device and see what sort of deals are around you and how close by they are!

Cheap gas? Take a pic of the price and Post it with your location!

Food specials, clearance items, giveaways? Post it! It's pretty simple. Read the directions here and follow them.

(** Please read and follow the directions! **)

View my deals I've already posted here.

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