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Monday, October 26, 2009

World of Warcraft Tip: Can't see 'Consecration' effect for Paladin spell?

Can't see the ground glowing under your Paladin when you cast 'Consecration' while playing World of Warcraft? Hit 'ESC' then go through the menus: Video-=>Effects-=> enable 'Projected Textures' by checking the box.

Kinda makes it hard to see when the spell effect is up without that huh?


Anonymous said...

Cool I had disabled this at some point while trying to optimize my frame rate and whatnot... really missed it when I played my Paladin again.

Rob said...

I just upgraded from a 7200GS to a 9800GT with DDR3, now my single core 2.4ghz Celeron 430 is the bottleneck I think. Single channel DDR2 667 memory in my board probably doesn't help a lot, but I think it's more processor limited at this point. I got the CPU and board for like $80 or less and it will play WoW out of the box 'OK' with the onboard GF7050, so...the 7200GS was a tiny bit faster and used less memory, and was like $4 after the rebate. :)

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