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Thursday, November 19, 2009

7 Kinds of Awesome Chili

I made this, but then performed the following magic:

I cooked it basically as the recipe on the box, but I used 1.3 lbs of ground chuck in a coarse chili meat size grind, and I took the meat out of 1lb of Beer Brats from Target. I used one 8 oz can of HEB whole tomatoes with chilis and 1 can of HEB diced tomatoes with chilis and blended them in a blender instead of tomato sauce. You could substitute the Ro*Tel brand but the HEB is cheaper. Both cans were 'mild'. I also added about 1/8 cup of honey and 1/8th cup of raw sugar (You can find it on the coffee aisle.) Why honey and raw sugar? The honey makes it richer, and you get a bit of a sweet taste (not much) at first, then the spice gives you that 'Ahem'-clear your throat-feel when you swallow it. A bit more complex. You'll get that on every bite. A bit sweet, then spice. I also added 1 tbsp of black bean garlic sauce, which is an oriental item so look on that aisle. And a half cube of chicken bouillon. I'm lazy, so I just dumped the masa flour straight in. Didn't mix it first with water.

I added 1 cup of dry pinto beans that were prepped by simmering until tender, and drained. Continue cooking for a few hours.

Of course, you can use spicier Ro*Tel versions or less sugar, less black bean garlic sauce, etc to season to taste.

I ate some at about 930PM and I had started cooking it about 4-5pm. I had to make myself stop and put the bowl away, it's that good. The sweet-spicy taste cycle really makes you want to keep shoveling it.

If you can really wait, eat it the next day as with most chili and stews so the flavors come together.

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