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Friday, November 06, 2009

Smoothie And Margarita Machine Bargain

I got one like this a few years back for $30.

What got me to make this post is the fact I had a friend who got one of these:

Now, I'm envious, but the Back to Basics falls within my budget. It has three things that make it a great deal in my book: a stirring stick that goes down through the center that you stir around while it's blending (nothing gets stuck in the pitcher) , a power spout at the bottom that turns on when you want to drink your creation, and a great warranty.

I had to get a replacement for my motor, and something else minor had broken, so they just sent me a whole new one after asking a few questions on the phone! So now I've got spare parts from the old one. Haven't had any problems with the replacement. IIRC, the warranty is 3 years. (!)

Oh, and Cheri, feel free to invite me for margaritas so you can show me yours. As a gadget dood, I'd like to get to play with one. I've seen them in the department stores, but they never give demonstrations.

If HEB can give wine samples, why can't they give margarita machine demos?

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