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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Story

I was enjoying a guilty pleasure (People of WalMart.com) and saw:

I'm sure this is either Kid Rock or Jay from 'Jay and Silent Bob fame'.

It reminded me of a story (doodley doo, doodley doo <=-distant memory sound effects)...

We were looking at houses in Oklahoma City back in 1998 when we were moving there. We looked at this one house just because it said it had a secret room. You know you want one too.

Well, the house wasn't what we wanted but we did come away with a gem of a story: The room was concealed by having a door that was covered in faux cheap paneling (yeah I know, right?) so that the seams met just so.

We pushed it open to reveal a room filled with skulls.

Yes, skulls.

Evidently this person collected skulls of all sorts. I don't remember all the varieties but here's the FTW part: on a table by the door was a CATALOGUE to a company that SELLS skulls.

Bonus to the FTW, it was also located in Oklahoma City.

Here, I believe, is that company's website.

(Dang, shoulda got this one in before Halloween.)


Suzanne said...


Susie said...

So funny! I forgot about this. Can't imagine that being a selling point to the house but they thought it was.

Rob said...

Hidden room: Cool. Hidden Room Filled with skulls/skull replicas: 'Saw 7' was filmed here.

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