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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Diet Tips o' the Day

A few things I've found that you can do to make your diet easier:

1. King Arthur Flour makes a very good 'White Whole Wheat'. Click here. If you like the lighter taste of white flour like most people, this is a great compromise. It's still whole wheat. "Nothing is added, nothing is taken away." You can find it at HEB grocery stores. I use it to make the P90 Power Pancakes.

Yep, Amazon sells everything don't they?

2. Whole Fruit Jelly. Also called fruit only, or something along those lines. Typically sweetened with fruit juice. Yeah, lotta sugar, but it's all fruit. It's better than a high fructose sweetened artificial ingredient filled jelly. Goes great with PB2!

3. If you want some gooey, stringy cheese in something, microwave some fat free cottage cheese by itself. Or you could cook it on a stovetop. It will get stringy like full fat mozzarella. I add it to chili and spaghetti sauce. It tastes SUPER and you can mix it 50-50 or to taste. If you chili and spag sauce is made with turkey or lean meat and is otherwise healthy (not too much sugar!) this is a real treat. I eat it without pasta this way. It's like the inside of lasagna.

4. HEB's Creamy Creations No Sugar Added Fruit Bars. These are only about 35-40 calories in the whole bar, and it's a normal size, not some sort of mini affair. Tasty and lots of Vitamin C. Only a gram or two of sugar. Plus your body burns a few extra calories to make up for the cold food you're eating. (Ok, a small amount :) )

 5. PB2. Roasted peanuts with the oil pressed out. Simple, and tasty. It's 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. 22 calories a TBSP vs 80-90.

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