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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easy Multitouch for Lenovo S10 on XP: No Hacks involved (and a bit about driver support)

Note: This article contains information that is valuable to any computer user, using any hardware. That includes Apple. Read the end.

I really missed the multi-touch features I had on my Asus 1000HD. It has a different manufacturer, an Elantech vs the Synaptics in my Lenovo S10.

(BTB, this S10 is sweeet. Built in 3G HSDPA modem, works on AT&T's 3G network for example. Also GPS!)

So, I looked around on how to enable this, and turns out all you need is the latest driver from Synaptics available at http://www.synaptics.com/support/drivers

Of note to all computer users: This is one of those things that is good to know for any piece of hardware. Often what is available on the component manufacturer's website is better than that available on your computer manufacturer's website. *ESPECIALLY* on older hardware. Ive done this a number of times. Intel for example seems to crank out later drivers all the time that don't show in Windows update or the manufacturer's download area.

Let's face it, if you just got a 2 year old refurb, how much do you think the original manufacturer cares?

But the if the graphics chip/trackpad/gadget maker is still selling or supporting the chip they sold by the millions to many different manufacturers, you may find better drivers and support there. After all, they are closer to the hardware than the laptop/PC maker who cobbled it all together anyway.

Second pet peeve: chip makers who won't offer drivers but tell you to get it from the manufacturer that used the chip. You made the darned thing, shouldn't you have the best driver for it?

Good luck. And this is part of the reason Apple sells so well: they make it all, and you know where to get the latest updates.

Now if they just made a netbook.

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