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Thursday, March 11, 2010

G5 WiFi Problems and Issues

This is my result WITHOUT my G5 WiFi antenna plugged in. The little plastic 'T' that plugs in the back. My G5 is only 3 feet from my router. Good results, even though the server is just across town. I got a 'B' on the server in Dallas.

This is it with the antenna plugged in.

Yes, the grading scale doesn't go to 'Z' I think. I'm pretty sure 'F' is bad.

I pulled the antenna, and did an immediate test.

Hmm. I'll put it back. Wow.

Pulled, just to make sure.

Ok, so I get a 'B' for 3ms of jitter now. I can live with it.

The only thing I can think of is that the antenna is damaged internally. Externally, some of the shielding is torn away.

That little amount of damage doesn't seem like it would cause an unusable connection. I've seen two G5 antennas like this. Out of the two I owned. I did not damage them myself, it was a previous owner.

So, if you are having trouble with your T Wifi antenna on your Mac G5, try removing it and please comment below!

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