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Monday, March 29, 2010

How to get Updated Lenovo S10 Drivers

The latest ones on the Lenovo site for the S10/S9/S10e are version for the Broadcom BCM 4312 (or 94312) WiFi card.

You can get later drivers from Dell for what they call the 1395 WLAN Mini card.

R242906 is the service pack you want to download from Dell. Run that after you download it and it will extract to your hard drive. When you go to the Device Manager, just update the driver and point it at the Driver_US folder under the R242906 folder.

XP will happily update and show your card as a Dell wireless 1395 WLAN Mini card. This is a WHQL driver.

As of this writing is what Dell is providing with a date of 8/25/2009.

On my machine, it improved the Wifi signal slightly, at least anecdotally. The range still isn't as good as my Macbook for example.

Lots of people on the Lenovo forums are having trouble, so maybe there is a bad batch of cards or something.

Good Luck!

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