I've gotten over $200 in cash back from them at places I would have shopped anyway! Ebay, Staples, more! I put it at the top because they ROCK. Basically, you get a kickback from Ebates when buy.com or whoever pays them. Win-win. If you like throwing money away, don't use them!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best Buy offers deal for Suckers

True, if you're shopping at Best Buy you've probably got more money than sense, but this one makes it worse.

40% of what you paid for an item after paying retail prices for it after 6 months? And the over 8 percent in sales tax we would pay vs. buying it online.

Don't even get me started on their cable prices and service scams.

And its a gift card, not cash. I guess you'll be back.
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