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Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh, Apple

Interesting graphics on apple.com:

Intentional or not, but does it look like the iPad 2 is somewhat translucent at the hand? It could just be the reflection of the thumb, but it could also subliminally imply how light the iPad 2 is. "So light you can almost see through it!"

The way it is, it looks like you can sorta see the index finger through it.

What I initially noticed was that it looks fake, in that the photo is just too clean and surreal. But, no surprise there.

Hey, it's advertising, I get that, but sometimes we here at theroblog prefer the analog vs. the digital, or a blend of both. Case in point: (pun intended) the chocolate leather Cambridge cover on my nook that makes it look like a nice library tome.

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