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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sabrent ECS-STU35 External Drive case mini-Review

Update: Well, it didn't take long to show it's crappy side. If you set it up (partition, format) with USB it won't mount on OS X when connected to eSATA. And Vice Versa. So consider this to be an either or drive at the moment. I can see a partition but it won't mount under both interfaces. On Windows, I don't know yet. I'll update as I go through some more scenarios. My OWC AL Pro doesn't have this issue. Ya get what you pay for. If you consider it a single interface enclosure, it ain't bad I guess. For a loaner, USB is fine anyway.

Earlier I said:

Short version: At least 93+ megs per second on the eSATA off a WD Green Drive. Watch the video for a quick 'n' easy tip on fixing the slight rattle from the rails. A good bargain I think. Happy with mine!

I'm using mine with the 2006 Mac Pro.

$29 or less Shipped at Amazon.

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