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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bell Plantation PB2

Update: This is an old post and the price has gone up a little. I paid $7.83 for the last group buy per pound.

The chocolate is VERY good. About the same nutritionwise as the regular.

Here's the Amazon link:

This is peanuts that they roast and press the oil out of. They sell the oil too which I bet tastes great with a little stir fry. In moderation of course. :)

Awesome Peanut Butter taste with 85% less fat.

You can mix it with sugar free or low sugar jelly, honey, and put it on whole grain bread for a healthier snack. I use an 'all fruit' spread which is fruit and fruit juice. IIRC only 30 calories in a TBSP.

Mix it with water for a low fat peanut spread.

PB2 is 45 calories in 2 tablespoons. As an example, JIF regular Peanut Butter is 190 calories, 144 of that from fat.

I know what I'm going to use.

I plan on regular group buys, so if you're local I can put you on the list. Right now it's $5.79 plus shipping for 24 lbs, but a little of this goes a long way. Very strong and good peanut butter taste. I love it!

Want a nutrient dense, "bag of nature" breakfast to mix this in that tastes GREAT? Check out beachfitrobshake.combeachfitrobshake.com. I use the non-chocolate PB2 in the Chocolate Shakeology all the time.

Who needs Dairy Queen?

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