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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boogie Board 10.5, Message Center, and iPod Touch Skin Flik Review

Hey, it's a combo review! They sent me three items at the same time. Work, Work, Work. The new 10.5" Boogie Board is really nice.

Sorry about the dark video in the middle of the video, but you can see better pics of the Message Center if you look at the product banner at the bottom and click there. Maybe you'll even buy through our link and score theroblog a nice fat commission. We love those.


The magnets from the Boogie Board fridge kit peel off the 8.5" original Boogie Board with no residue for placing it into the Message Center.

None of the styluses are the same across the Message Center, original Boogie Board, and the 10.5", but old pen telescopes out and fits the 10.5" fine.

8.5" Boogie Board doesn't lock tightly into message center. Vertical orientation is better so it is held in by gravity.

The Message Center pen is hard to get out, I wonder will it get better with wear? I recommend using the old pen holder that you get with the magnet kit. Not a big deal as you can write with your fingernail in a pinch anyway, or a capped ballpoint pen, etc.

Ipod case is neat, but scene is boring. How bout making it sort of a status display
like alternate between 'cool!' and 'not cool!' or something.
I had to remove and replace the batteries in iPod case to get it to work.

10.5 is overall a slicker product with more and incremental features in the right place.

Look, we've thoughtfully included a product picker for Amazon!

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