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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Asus eee pad Transformer WiFi Turning on and off by itself

If your Asus Transformer has started turning it's WiFi on and off by itself after a wake from sleep, try turning on airplane mode, then enabling Wifi.

Your tablet will still be in airplane mode with Wifi on.

I am having this issue and this is my preliminary fix. I've seen others with this issue, so I think it's a software issue and not hardware.

Keywords: TF101 toggle spontaneous


Shinan Kassam said...

I have the same problem. Will try your workaround and comment back if it works.

Rob said...

You have to reboot to get it to stop so put it in airplane mode, reboot, then leve it in airplane mode after reboot and enable the wifi. You end up in airplane mode with wifi on. Also it seems the battery lasts longer in airplane mode even though I dont have gps on. Thats not confirmed though. But it seems less discharge rate when sleeping in airplane vs just telling it to disconnect from wifi when the screen is off. Issues here i bet.

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