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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kindle Fire Review! Ok, I haven't seen it yet but here's my opinion on some of the unique aspects of it and where it fits in within the crowded tablet field. I won't be talking about the hardware, which seems pretty run of the mill.

Battery: 4 hours to charge? Seems a bit long. My eee Transformer is far faster. It's a much bigger screen and battery. 

Web Browser: Server side acceleration. You can see this in action with the Opera Mobile web browser and enabling Turbo Mode. In short, this should work great just like it does for Opera. For reference, my 2G iPhone running Opera Mobile felt as fast as 3G or WiFi. It also does pre-fetching.

Overall opinion: Will it kill the iPad? No. Will it get a lot of attention and effect iPad sales? Yes. It's a media consumption device. I do mostly reading, emails, Facebook, blog posting, stuff like that. This will suffice, and if it's really fast at browsing the web and tightly integrated with Amazon's content, will be a success. The only thing that will kill it is glitches and if the hardware has issues. Features look like smart choices. Amazon: Want to really make a splash? All you can eat streaming Music, Books, and streaming Movies or each ala carte for a reasonable monthly fee. Or at least the movies and music. Books are sorta a different animal I suppose.

E-Ink displays will not be affected. People buy those for the sharpness and for price, just like they buy this for price. E-Ink still has a sharper display and far longer battery life. I don't see much demand for the bottom non-touch screen E-Ink readers. I got the Nook 2 with touchscreen and I won't go back to one without.

And the Fire will get hacked, unlocking all the lovely potential like they did with the Nook Color. Which will be on super sale pricing soon. A refurb Nook is about $165 with less features and less powerful hardware. This, instead of that.

Versus other Android Tablets: The Fire probably, unless you want a 10 inch screen. Which may be next for the Fire.

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