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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shakeology vs. Greens and Whey vs. Vanilla Protein Energizer

First, I'm biased. I use Shakeology. However, that doesn't preclude me from tasting other stuff and telling you whether it tastes good or not.

These competitors don't.

They do however, have a subset of what Shakeology has for ingredients, at a lower price. But, a lower price isn't terribly hard to achieve on most products.

Look at Apple vs. most everyone else. They aren't the cheapest, but their stuff works and the experience is good to excellent.

Having said that, I'll be fair. If you can find Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems' Protein Energizer for 44 cents like I did, buy a bag and mix it with Shakeology or other ingredients. Yes that was a misprice, and yes, that's the real company name. You won't get all the nutrition, but it lowers the cost and now you can drink twice as many smoothies and still get tasty nutrition.

Biochem Sports' Greens and Whey Chocolate wasn't very chocolatey at all. Again, mix it with Shakeology if price is a concern. I got a can of that for less than $5.

So to sum, you can save some money, but you aren't going to enjoy it as much. I sure wouldn't have paid full price for either of these, and if I had, I think I'd be asking for my money back or not using it again.

Check out beachfitrobshake.com for Shakeology info.

I'm not even going to link to the other two because they are yuck.

Here's a video with advice from Doctors:

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