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Thursday, November 03, 2011

HP Touchpad Keyboard Usability Report: Android, Mac OS X, PS3, and more?

I'm sure we will see more of these in one channel or another so you are wondering whether it will work with your device.

OS X: Pairs fine and runs a little wizard which asks you to press a few keys.

Works: The right 7 special function keys across the top. Starting with the media keys. Brightness keys would probably work on a laptop Mac but I tested on a Mac Pro desktop. Lower left key with the squares on it functions as the Mac Command key. Power button asks if you want to sleep.

Doesn't work: First 3 special function keys. You could probably remap these if you desired.

Android 3.1: Paired fine with my Galaxy Tab 8.9. Most keys worked. Upper left works like the Back on screen control on Android. Search button opens search, held opens voice search.

Doesn't work: brightness keys, power, keyboard dedicated button, dedicated 'Squares' command button.

Again, probably some remappable stuff here.

I have a PS3 I can test with and report back.

Great construction quality. Like Apple's version, but black, and with different keys of course.

Looks like it's cheap on Amazon:


GeneS said...

Have not been able to pair this keyboard with my Mac running OSX

Any suggestions?

Rob said...

I just did it with my Late 2010 Macbook Air. Before starting, my Macbook bluetooth was set to 'Discoverable' but that should not make a difference. We are discovering the keyboard not the Mac.

Then from the Bluetooth icon in the menu at the top of the Mac screen, or I suppose from Settings, click 'Setup Bluetooth Device'.

The Bluetooth Assistant will open and start searching for devices.

Turn on the switch on the bottom of the keyboard.

After about 13 seconds, it will ask you to enter a code on the BLUETOOTH keyboard, not your Mac's keyboard. If you are looking at the switch on the bottom of the keyboard you will see the LED next to it flash.

Type those numbers on the HP Keyboard and press Return on the HP Keyboard.

Bluetooth assistant will then ask you to press two keys, which should be 'Z' and '/', but do what it says.

Then you should be set.

I have set this keyboard up with my Mac Pro and Macbook Air, both running OS X 10.6.8

Post back and let me know your results.

Rob said...

P.S. If your Bluetooth icon is not at the top of your screen, click the Bluetooth icon in System Preferences, then the '+' icon to add a device.

You can also select the option to show Bluetooth status in the menu bar here, which is handy and informative.

If this is a notebook, you can turn off Bluetooth to save battery easily from the menu bar icon.

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