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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Microwave Potato Chip Maker

Still want 'junk food' but want to eat healthy? Check this out.

(WOW! This is ranked #1 on Amazon in Kitchen and Housewares as of this posting!)

It's the "Mastrad A64601 Top Chips Maker and Slicer Set".

Couple of notes: you can marinate in salt, garlic, or whatever your imagination conjures before cooking them. Vinegar, salt and dill anyone?

Also, I did not pat them dry, I just took them out of the marinade and slapped them on the cooking plate. 3 minutes in my over the stove microwave works fine. The center ones tend to cook first. My oven rotates, so that may be a factor. Just don't put any in the very center. You can also buy extra trays to make a bunch at once but I've just got the single.

Tip on removing the chips after cooking: push under them and the rubber will flex, and the chip edges will become unstuck.

Sweet potato chips and salsa is a great way to get your veggies!


I'd recommend the extra trays if you want to make a fair amount of them. A single tray for cooking is a bit laborious. 

If you figure $2 for a bag of chips, this repays itself fairly quickly. Plus, it's a ton healthier. We tried carrots, sweet potato, white potato, and red potato so far. The carrots worked so-so.

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