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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shakeology vs. Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake

A couple people have mentioned the Visalus shake to me.

These scores are a screen grab from foodfacts.com

Shakeology on the left, Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake on the right. They haven't reviewed the new Vegan version of Shakeology, Tropical Strawberry. I expect a similar score, or maybe 100 if that's possible and it's not a percentile score.

Foodfacts.com is handy if you want to have a comparison done impartially.

You'll be relieved to know Twinkies are also available for a comparison.

I like Shakeology because it's not an ordinary shake. Ordinary products, ordinary results. And since I sell it, and I don't like salespeople, it's got to be unique and different. I can't get excited about the every day stuff.

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You will also need a workout regimen if you really want to be in shape. No shake in the world is going to do that. Losing weight's one thing, cranking out 10+ pullups in a set or 339 ab exercises in 15-17 minutes is another. ("Ab Ripper X. I hate it, but I love it.")

My weapon as you've no doubt guessed from the banner on the right and the quote above is P90X.

If you think you can't do P90X, let me know. If you really can't, let me know.

Team Beachbody has something for kids and we have something for ages 55 and everything in the middle.

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