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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Ran a 24 hour 'torture' test with 16MB *random* writes using Drive Genius 2. Average was 4.06MB/s, Min 3.58, Max 4.82. So, it exceeds the Class 4 spec on the average by 1.5%, and if you're lucky, over 20%. The worst case is only about 10.5% under the spec and best case is over 20% higher over spec, so yes, it's class 4 for sure. Not much extra performance here.

Long story short: Read is good at 19 megabyte a second through a USB adapter,  SUSTAINED writes will go above the rated class 4 speed by about 15-20%. 4.6-4.8 megabytes/sec is achievable with large write sizes like 8-16MB. Average write speed as I'm typing this is 4.43MB/s aver the last few minutes for a 16MB sized sustained write.

I tested using Drive Genius 2 for OS X.

Small sized writes are horrible, don't ask.

But you were going to load a bunch of video and music to it for your tablet/phone, so it works for that, right?

And it's Patriot, so if you got it at a good price you're golden.

I got it at Fry's for $11.99 after Rebate in May 2012, so it's hard to complain about this card. Worth the money.

Drop a quarter over there with the Paypal button there if I influenced your buying decision. Thanks!

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