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Monday, June 04, 2012

Sea Buckthorne by Genesis Today Review

This adds a nice little tang to Shakeology Vegan Tropical Strawberry.

If I may draw on the expertise of Dr. Oz, here's a link to his blog on it

Omega 7 is supposed to signal your body to stop storing fat, and have skin benefits too. It's less than $1 a serving, but still pretty pricey.

I think I will limit myself to one serving a day, as I get most of the same benefits from Shakeology, I just wanted the Omega 7 benefits. I do like the taste when mixed with something else. Alone, it tastes like Worcestershire sauce. Which is weird. But in a smoothie, I like it.

If anyone knows of cheaper alternative, please post in the comments.

A gripe with this bottle is that I always spill some at the end of pouring a bit. I don't know why. I think it's just the lip design. At $20 a bottle, Genesis Today needs to change it if they can.

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