I've gotten over $200 in cash back from them at places I would have shopped anyway! Ebay, Staples, more! I put it at the top because they ROCK. Basically, you get a kickback from Ebates when buy.com or whoever pays them. Win-win. If you like throwing money away, don't use them!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Amazon, You're Horrible Once Again

I had all sorts of problems getting my widgets to show, so you know, you'll buy stuff and I'll make tons of money.

Sweet, Sweet, Money.

Well, more like I tell you what's good and what's bad, and hopefully you like the stuff I do for the same reasons.

Without further ado, if your Amazon Affiliate widgets aren't showing on Blogger, remove that link enhancer junk script from your HTML template.

If that's Greek, it means it's probably not in there because you have to add it.
Search for "link-enhancer" in the HTML code and remove that nasty little line of code.

Plus your page will load a lot faster.

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