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Monday, September 24, 2012

An open Letter to Samsung and Google

I bought a Samsung Nexus that turned out to be defective. No problem, it's still under warranty, right?


This phone is from the UK. The warranty on Samsung cell phones is only valid in the UK. I think this is the only category of consumer electronics that you don't get a world warranty from Samsung with.

Samsung USA won't warranty it, and Samsung UK won't ship phones they've done service on OUT of the UK. So I can't ship it to them.

Google won't do anything because they only handle the first 14 days of warranty.

So if you bought your phone in one country, and move to another, you just lost your warranty.

This is not a small investment: it's about a $400 phone off contract.

Unless you are willing to ship it to someone in the country of warranty, they send it in, send it back to you, etc.

Two problems: that gets pricey with international shipping and I don't know anyone in the UK.

I'm pretty sure if I had an IPHONE, I could walk in to any Apple store and get a replacement.

Google and Samsung: are you listening?

If you've read this far, please +1 this article using the Google+ button, share it on your status on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The only way this is going to get fixed is if people put pressure on companies to handle consumers fairly.

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