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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free P90X Workouts with the Free App

Ok, this is HUGE and AWESOME and might end today.

FREE P90X Workouts! 

And if even if you have the DVDs already, now the app is free for a LIMITED time so you might as well get it to track your sessions better.


1. Go to http://Beachfitrob.com/ and create a FREE account by clicking Join. Then the Free option.

2. If you have an account already, great. You're set.

Now, go to the Apple Store via this link:


and download the P90X App. It comes with a Fitness Test AND Ab Ripper X, which is part of P90X. It will also track your workouts online.

3. Sign in via the app by going to the "More" tab and "Settings" and using the account you set up in step #1.

That's it. Now you've got mini Tony Horton guiding you through a pleasant Ab Workout, and a free fitness test if you've wondered how you stack up.

You can shop in the app too, but please contact me before you order. There are package discounts, and recurring discounts available. I'll make sure you get the right program at the right price for you.

PLEASE share and pass this on via messages, Wall Post, etc.

I always tell people this is a cheap way to get and try the workouts, and now it's FREE.
Some people never buy the DVDs they just use the app because it has video and audio to guide you through the same workout.

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