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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jay Robb Egg White Protein vs. Liquid Egg Whites

In short, the egg whites in the carton are pure, nothing added, and cheaper.

I like Jay Robb and his products, but the math on this is:

HEB Brand Pasteurized Egg Whites: 16 oz for $1.88
(This means it's safe to add to your shakes.) 454 gram container, 45g of protein

Jay Robb Powdered Egg Whites, Vanilla. Let's call it $20 but I couldn't find it actually that cheap on the web.
12 oz container, 240g of protein.

So, $18.88 for 450g of protein in the liquid, pure whites (10 cartons for this price), or $20 for 240g of protein for the powdered.

Plus with the cartons it doesn't have any sugar alcohols.

If you need shelf life or portability, or a different form of it for cooking, then that may be a factor.

But for general use at home, the cartons of pasteurized whites are the way to go.

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