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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bodyfx Scam?

I'm really not saying it's a scam, but their plan looks just like another company that's nearly a household name. In my opinion, they copied Beachbody a LOT.

And 'that ain't right' as we say in Texas.

What caught my eye was the similarity of Bodyfx to Team Beachbody, a little company that does a program you might have heard of called P90X.

Don't take this post as trash talk, but when a company puts on their site that "No other company is offering anything even remotely close to this plan!" and you know it's a very close copy of another company doing the same thing, you gotta say something, so I am.

I will do a brief comparison in a minute but let me give you a little perspective first.

I'm with Team Beachbody because I did P90X for 13 months before I decided to become a coach. I was loving my results, so I figured why not make some money telling people how great I thought it was?

I win, they win, everyone's happy. Love it. It's a beautiful thing. #tonyhorton.

Here's my progress album on Facebook.

You'll see why I am so happy helping others get in the best shape of their life. There's not really much else to say. It works. It worked for me, it will work for anyone who does it.

So I decided to become a Beachbody Coach.

Enough about me, what about this Bodyfx deal?

Someone I worked with posted their site on a company website. The thing that put me in to blog post writing mode was this statement:

"No other company is offering anything even remotely close to this plan!"

Weeeeelll, not true. Specifically:

"Body FX will generate tens of thousands of paying customers who have already purchased Body FX branded exercise, fitness, and weight-loss DVDs from their television infomercials.

The company plans to provide these leads at no charge to its distributors!"

Beachbody does this. Has been for years.

"Body FX will offer a line of ultra premium fitness and performance oriented nutrition and weight loss products that truly are different and better than what you will find anywhere else. These proprietary and patent-pending formulations will be exclusive to Body FX Reps. Body FX Direct Reps can also market the DVD sets that are advertised on the company's television infomercials."

'Better' is subjective. Patented formulas are just that. One might be 39% whey protein, one might be 40%. Yes, the infinite variations in formulas can be patented but they could all contain pretty much the same things. This is just marketing speak. Some of Beachbody's products and freebies are Coach exclusive too.

"Body FX will use a network marketing commission structure which pays uni-level commissions on up to nine levels of distributors. The pay structure also includes Fast-Start Bonuses, Infinity Bonuses, and Matching Infinity Bonuses."

Beachbody pays all levels with some small qualifications, and all sorts of bonuses. Again, have been for years.

"A distributor only needs to generate $50 BV in personal monthly sales volume to be eligible to earn Uni-level Commissions and Infinity Bonuses. This volume requirement can be met through personal purchases, or purchases made by retail customers."

Don't know what these terms mean, but even the magnitude of '50' is used on one of our qualification standards: '50 PV'.

"This fee is waived when distributors purchase a Fast-Start product pack at the time of their enrollment."

Beachbody has a Fast Start bonus and similar packs we can purchase at huge discounts.

They are even going to call some of their distributors Coaches. That's what we call ours.

I won't bore you with the rest of it, but I think I've shown that it's very VERY similar to Team Beachbody.

If I were exploring this opportunity, I would want to know that the company I was considering joining had copied a lot of what another company does.

Not just in some nuts and bolts but the industry, plan, benefits, and ideas are almost the same.

I understand there will be inevitable similarities with any new companies coming in where there are established companies, but the degree of similarities really struck me here.

Good luck, and I wish you the success I've had with Team Beachbody.

Update 6/5/2013:

Here's my other page: http://beachfitrob.com

If you want to talk about Beachbody, that page has my contact info.

If you want to do a program like Bodyfx, why not go with the 'household name' (P90X, P90X 2, Insanity, etc.) market leader with the millions in advertising that will work for you?

Click here for the Beachbody coaching info.

If you want help setting up a page like beachfitrob.com, getting an app in the play store, and creating your own mini-brand I will help you.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the similarities however, business is business and they willl be using a well known fitness model as their Tony Horton. I will definetly look into them since they have changed Shakeology it's not worth my money buying or selling a product I personaly can not drink. Good points! Thanks

Robert Bullock said...

Wish you'd left your name so you'd see my response.


They changed Shakeology BACK. There was a 5,000 person round of taste testing. I *LOVE* the Chocolate non-vegan flavor.

They listened when people complained about it, and actually improved it. Less sugar, more chocolatey, some ingredients left, and I can't recall but maybe one or two came in. One that was causing false positives as a performance enhancer on tests that sanctioned sports programs use got pulled out.

I was on the taste panel. There was no comparison in the two flavors they sent.

Those are all VERY good proof that Beachbody listens and makes appropriate changes.

If you are going to have Shakeology every day, you should be using the Coach discount. It's a no brainer, saves me $13 a month just on that.

Try it again!

I'd love to have you onboard as a Coach or Customer. My main site is:


Robert Bullock said...

Oh, Shakeology site is


Reita Faria said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robert Bullock said...

They improved the Greenberry Shakeology now. I haven't tried it, but I plan to. It was OK before, and with the work they did on the Chocolate, I bet it's good. Expect a mini-review. Need to order some of the packets for presents. :)

Anonymous said...

Business is business. Every model of business should expect a copy, and then should adjust accordingly. So if its so similar, what it comes down to is personal taste and price.

I think it's interesting that every "blog" I read about comparisons between companies is NEVER written by a person who has no stake in one or the other.

Robert Bullock said...

They have a right to try and imitate or put their spin on it; the point was to ask yourself if you want to be affiliated with the competitor or the market leader.

There is no comparison. That's objective and subjective. P90X is practically a household name while Bodyfx is barely off the ground.

Blogs about things are often times written by someone who owns the product/service/etc. they are talking about. It's called word of mouth. Talking about something you have lived with has more value. The review is deeper and real because of your experience. All reviews can be taken with a grain of salt but I prefer a good article written by a non-professional a lot of the time.

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