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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Swappa.com Mini-review

Swappa, the Craigslist of device trading. Goofy rules, flake buyer for my first sale, and when I complained about some of it I got this ridiculous answer:

"...we do things different on Swappa. It's part of what makes us better."

Internet .com bubble period language. Sorry, it just makes you different. And weird really.

#1 Goofy rule: making you hold up a sign with a code in a pic on EVERY device you list. Verified Paypal? Don't care. Lots of positive feedback? Nope. Doesn't matter. They want proof you have the device! Grainy photos ok as long as you can READ THAT CODE.

Also, you have to enter the IMEI/ESN on EVERY device you sell too. All you need is a 16 digit code from the same device type and you could probably fake it out. Either way it's a pain.


Great interface on the site, and it's pretty. But I think I'll have a short history here.

Ebay and Amazon has nothing to worry about yet.

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