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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Make it easier for a customer to buy something

I got an email today after a request for a feature that would help me sort through the many Excel sheets I get in my inbox from a certain company.

I just wanted a highlight of changes on a separate sheet or tab, that you could program Excel to do fairly easily.

You take yesterday's Excel sheet, compare it to today's, and then spit out a third sheet or tab that highlights differences. Or Excel can color code cells it finds different than yesterday.

Here's what I got back from the sales rep:

"Our sales are fine thanks.

We have had zero complaints."

That's a top notch employee right there! I guess the economy is so awesome, your company doesn't need a revenue increase.

I don't often wade through the NINE excel sheets they send every day to see if any prices have changed, stuff has come into stock, etc. because it's tedious.

Thought of the day: "Make it easier for a customer to buy something."

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