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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Skull Candy Headphone Warranty: Mini-Review

UPDATE: 13 Oct 2015

They now require proof of purchase, BUT I called them at (888) 697 – 5855 and they are allowing me an exception. I got an email from Cherise. If there are any hiccups or notable items in this process I will post it.

Original post:

Long story short, since it seems like I've reviewed these before....

I bought some of the FMJ model once and had trouble. Skullcandy sent me a prepaid label to send them back and then sent me a gift card for their online store that was enough to buy TWO PAIRS of what had broken.

I have not had trouble in years, and although I've been careful, they get pulled on, rolled up, and have been knocking around my laptop bag and house for years at this point.

Totally happy. Recommend. They are comfy, have interchangeable ear seals, and sound good. Metal construction. I don't think you'll be sorry:

Click here to browse Skullcandy Headphones at Amazon. Your purchases support theroblog.com.

We appreciate it. Thumbs up from Rob if you buy something cool for yourself!

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