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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Silver Nissan Leaf Touchup Idea: I did this on my 2011

I used a silver Sharpie on smaller scrapes in the plastic because it's a darn close match and cheap and easy to put exactly in the scratch. You can get the markers for a couple of bucks which is much cheaper than the paint.

It's a very close match, but not exact, but chances are you can more precisely place it whereas with paint the edges will overlap and not look quite right either unless you do it carefully and with some prep work. So overall IMHO it will look about as good.

Plus the markers have other uses.

Amazon has 2 and 4 packs cheap as add on items if you have Prime:

If you decide you don't like it, I'm betting the paint will adhere over it, and it's such a thin coat that removing it with light prep would be easy, even a compound paste should take it off.

I had some deeper scratches on my rear plastic bumper that have held up fine for months now.

Silver Sharpies are fun too for art projects, etc.

They PERFECTLY match the PS Vita silver trim on the first model with the OLED screen. Under 8X magnification I can't see a color difference on my Vita that had some scuffs.

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