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Saturday, April 04, 2015

My Lost 'Pet Shop Boys' Single Found after 25 years

Ok, many of you will say 'DUH!' so first a little background.

In August 1989 I went to Army Basic, and was at Ft. Hood until Feb 1990. I got activated for Desert Storm in November 1990.

So I missed the UK release of this song, and as far as I can tell, promo for the US release didn't start until August 1990.

Back then, popularity took more than a few minutes like it does on the internet today.

I was also in school in a small college town during the summer, and Pet Shop Boys / Electronic was just too mainstream for the college radio station, and too city-fied for the other local stations.

So, somehow I missed it.

If you're a Pet Shop Boys/Smiths/New Order fan, get this.

*CLASSIC* 80's. And that chorus! What a combo : vocalists from Pet Shop Boys and New Order!

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