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Friday, January 12, 2018

Bissell Model 1719 Charger: Get it here. It's the right one. And: Why you can't find Yours.

I found my charger after I moved and after ordering this one.

I thought I'd lost it because I did not think about the charger having to be a little higher voltage than the battery.

The machine says 9.6V on it but the charger says 12V. So I presume I set the charger aside because the voltages didn't match and weren't really that close.

I.e. I hadn't lost it at all!

9.6V is common among R/C cars so it makes sense that is the battery voltage.

When I looked closer, the one I found and the new one both say they are for the 1719 on them.

Same label, same brand, same charger shape, etc. So to sum, I'm 99.9% sure this is the correct charger.

Buy one using this link and support The Rob Log. Thank you! Or bookmark http://amamzin.com/ and use the search box there.

By the way: love mine for spot cleaning. Pets and kids...


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