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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dang URI

Today I have an upper respiratory infection. Yay. So, I'm out and about late. Plus the internet connection is sketchy right now. Here's a photo I'm going to use in my profile. It's me in the computer/junk/cat box room. Multipurpose, as they say.


Robert Bullock said...

It appears the cable modem does not like having a signal splitter between it and the rest of the cable world. Looks like it's working ok. Never caused a problem before, so something's probably close to going out on it.

Robert Bullock said...

Bought a Motorola Surfboard to replace it. The Toshiba was 4 months out of it's 5 (!) year warranty, but maybe they'll do a courtesy replacement since it's so close.

sarge said...

need a cable to link computer to the flat panel tv, you got any?

Robert Bullock said...


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