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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We're closed today, you go home now!

Ebay's getting worse. Dude pays me $2.49 for an ebook I wrote about fixing the PSP and leaves me my first negative feedback ever, after having been a buyer and seller on ebay for SIX YEARS. Paid for it with an unverified Paypal account. French name. From South Africa. Claims he found all the info in it in two hours by himself. (Which I SERIOUSLY doubt. Plus, it's $2.49. Is your time worth $1.245 an hour?) I'm closed to jackasses. Go home now. Oh and ebay? Fix your feedback system so Jacque can't register and ruin someone elses feedback and then fade into the woodwork like this guy's going to do. Or at least let me restrict my business to those people with, say, over 10 transactions on ebay.

Oh, uh, fun stuff tomorrow. Venting over now. Had to end on a positive note and all.

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Robert Bullock said...

Oh, got another who didn't want to fix his Paypal account so he's verified (I won't ship if he's not), bought another PDA like the one I sold him from someone else. Another jerk who won't pay, and will probably leave me some negative feedback. Ebay, FIX THIS sort of situation! Make them pay for their items!

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