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Monday, September 11, 2006

MU-2 Flying tonight

So, I'm supposed to fly with a guy on an MU-2 cargo run tonight, whom I've never met, in a plane I've never been in. Should be all sorts of interesting. So, you do what you do if what you do is what I do, you Google. (Don't you like the word usements I'm structuring today? -To paraphrase Steve Martin's character in L.A. Story. ) I digress on a regular basis. I need a new word for that. Anyway.

So I found a blog of a guy who flew MU-2's air ambulance. Good stories. Gems such as:

The second patient of the day was a lady who took a bunch of pills, went to bed and woke up with a broken leg. She was friendly (she rubbed my shaved head for good luck before we took off) but as far as I could see, she had never brushed her teeth in her life, which smells like a hot closet full of dead baby goats in case you were curious.

Does that smell anything like 'Sex Panther' cologne, by Odeon?

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Faaaabulous description of the woman's breath. It really brought it home for me..

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