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Friday, September 22, 2006

What's an asshome?!?

We were driving down the road and some people were cleaning bird nests out of the lettering on the side of their building, you know, the kind that stick out about 6-8 inches, are usually plastic/metal with lighting inside. Aaron remarks on that and wonders if they are going to clean (and this is just how he said it) 'the birds asshome'. At first I heard something else even worse. So, I ask him to clarify. 'You know, birds with a nest in the 's', their 's' home.' Evidently there is a business somewhere on the daily drive to school that has a bird's nest in the letter 's'. Their 'esshome'. So remember parents, don't leap out of your skin next time you hear something that doesn't make sense immediately. And it makes for good bloggin' later.

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