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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

You know, for kids.

You know, for kids. Those crazy kids and their non DRM'd inferior formats. According to slashdot, it seems vinyl sales are up. Now all we need is a way to make your OWN vinyl record. I think Wicked Lasers should get started. They can 'burn, slash, melt plastic and when your lighter runs dry, it’ll even light up your smoke'. Ah, convergence! A record making cigarette lighter. If you roll your own Doobie on the backs of the album like some of the slashdot posters.

You need something to modulate the signal and power of the laser, and track it on the blank vinyl, but it could be done. This is my idea, so if you build it, I just want a teensy teensy share of the royalties to live on. Nothing too much, just enough to fill a swimming pool with $10's and $20's. But seriously, let's talk.

Actually, you can make your own record.

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