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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sienna Elementary Writing Tardy Slips...

Fort Bend ISD.

On the next to last day of school.

Tomorrow is a half day, the LAST day. TODAY is, guess what, field day.

First Events? 0830: Watching a movie for my daughter, or a relay race for my son.

"Well, we still have to have it in the system."

The time? 0802. Two minutes late. To watch a movie or run a relay race that starts in 28 minutes.

Stupid. This teaches the kids that rules are all important and there is no adjustment for common sense. I know, discipline and all that, but every once in a great while, some things just don't matter.

And no, I wasn't the only parent complaining. Obviously, I also wasn't the only late person either.

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