Friday, May 25, 2007

Man watches 'Star Wars' for the first time

We hear of this sort of thing every now and then. Two possibilities exist.

1) This confirms the presence of aliens on Earth. What planet is he from?
2) Life can be supported under a rock or in a cave long enough for a human to reach maturity.

Well, at the very least, he's British.

Edit: 6/30/2007. There's a guy in my groundschool that claims he hasn't seen it. He's a pilot. How can you not have seen 'Star Wars' dude? I mean, surely every pilot on the planet wanted to blow up the Death Star at some point. Depending on the length and timing of your childhood, I mean. He's from Little Rock, but otherwise seemed normal enough.


Suzanne said...


jana said...

What's "Star Wars?"

Anonymous said...

There was a guy in my class at XJT who made the same claim.

But he was from Arkansas, so it was believable.


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