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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gelato Bike Thoughts

  • GREAT enjoyment to ride with the kids. They comment on everything and even your pain in the butt daughter will let her shields down. Aaron and Kimberly both love to be take for rides on it and we talk the whole time.
  • You do things on this bike you'd never do in a car. Like cruise around just to see what's what. We found where some of Kimberly's friends from school live: just around the corner! We found a new neighborhood addition. We found a shortcut to behind the shopping center that lets us avoid a little traffic on the bike. today we drove it probably 6-10 miles I'd bet.
  • Fast enough to avoid traffic if you move to the right and travel with it in the neighborhood. Cars don't have much of an overtake. Indicated speed is 28-29MPH, 18-20 validated with a GPS.
  • Pedals! For slow cruising around in a cul de sac, or when the law enforcement comes by and you're on the sidewalk. 'Look, I'm pedaling, it's a bike'. I swapped the small pedals for some larger adult sized ones.
  • Even if it's hot outside, it ain't with a 20MPH breeze in your face. Extends the riding season for hot climates.
  • Headlight, turn signal, horn; for warning joggers and traffic.
  • Plastic bodywork is easier to polish perfections out of with car rubbing compound.
  • Needs more speed. Just a bit. 35 MPH would be GREAT.
  • I wish it had: hazard lights, a cup holder (I can add that).
  • The seat is too hard, or I need to get fatter. I can figure out something.
  • Mirrors are a bit narrow. Again, probably something you can get in an addon.
  • Some of the bits are on the cheap side. Somewhere a pin hinge for the cargo box got lost.
  • Two chargers, although it is probably cheaper than a single charger. Have to figure out how to charge without opening the seat. Minor.
  • If you have someone on the back seat, and you pedal, you can hit their feet with your feet. Just don't pedal with a passenger.
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 so far!

Now, get busy on those donations so I can save the environment.

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