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Friday, January 18, 2008

What's in my pilot gear?

I thought maybe I'd add a list of extra 'pilot gear' I carry on my trips. Tips and tricks of the trade.

In luggage:
AA battery charger. My electric razor cheapo model uses them and so does my headset.
Vacuum packed food: Shrimp (really, it's Chicken of the sea brand), Salmon with Dill (some brand), BBQ Chicken breast. For emergency meals on the late night flights. Ruby Tuesday's is open late too.
Food: Easy Mac. If you have a microwave. Bet it works with coffee pot hot water too. Miso soup. Same, coffee pot water.
Umbrella. For the walk around in the storm.
Meds: Claritin, Immodium generic, (Like you've never been to Mexico.) Pain meds.

In flight case:
Paper hole punch reinforcers. For when your Jepp plate rips.
Head mounted LED light. Dorky, but if the lights ever went out...holdover from my GA days.
Food: Airline Peanuts, Power bar type stuff. Sometimes drink powders to add to water.

In general:
Trench coat with zip out liner and gloves. See above.
PDA with WiFi and is Skype capable. (last I checked, a 400Mhz CPU). For calls from Mexico and Canada to the US. 2.1 cents a minute. Works pretty well and it's cheap.

That's all for now. Will add to later. Comments? Add your fave trick in comments. Or the forum area. Or both.

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