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Thursday, May 15, 2008

DRM - Somebody Gets It

Over there on the right you can buy 256Kbit MP3's from Amazon.com and do whatever you like with them. Burn to CD, put on whatever player you have, etc.

Don't steal.

Frankly, the best value for me has to have been getting CD's at the Pawn shop for a buck or two, but since you don't want to get your fatt butt off the couch, then 99 cents a track is a good alternative, and you're not a slave to iTunes and the iPod.

Your iWallet will thank you.

Even further out on the limb is Nine Inch Nails, who have (has?) released their latest for FREE and even in "higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE" for you audiophiles out there.

Kiss it RIAA lawyer /Fatcat radio executive!


Suzanne said...

I would have told you about NIN had I known you were interested... I guess it's has?

Rob said...

Another reason I like the Amazon MP3 store better:

I just bought the Depeche Mode compilation 'The Singles 86>98' and it has two tracks the iTunes store DOES NOT.

A remix of 'Never Let Me Down Again', the (Tsangarides Mix). Also 'A Question of Time'.

Not only that, it looks like you can only buy the songs and not the INCOMPLETE album from Apple.

Amazon's version is the usual high quality MP3's and best of all:

$3.99 for the album when it was on special!!!

This is now a $9.99 download from Amazon but at 21 tracks, it's two discs.

Keep an eye on dealmac.com for the album deals. I see a lot for $3.99 that are great deals by big name bands.

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