Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cheap Gun / Pistol Safe

Update 12 May 2008:

A lot of people were wondering about the issue of being able to open it in the dark. So I rigged a little reflector to see how much light the LED is putting out. This is just a little piece of foil and some tape.

I only let my eyes adjust to the dark for a minute or so and it lit up the top row of keys enough to see the numbers, and to see where the bottom row is. Further, the LED is in the exact middle and above the row of keys, so it's easy to orient on which keys you are pressing.

The bottle cap is included for scale. They are fairly large keys. You creative hackers might mount something better, add a white LED, what have you, but it works. The LED might just be a lens because it will light red, green, and IIRC orange while you are programming it.

Original post:

If you want a cheap electronic pistol safe you can open in the dark, Fry's has one for $29.99 until Tuesday. Actually it's marketed as a laptop case, but they can't tell me what to put in it.

If you don't have a Fry's, these safes are still somewhat cheap for an electronically opened pistol safe at Here's a couple:

More info:

This is a Honeywell model 3040D. (Yes, that Honeywell.)

Price good til Tuesday, normally $50. Placed with the security products at the front of the store if you are at the SW Houston store on 59.

It's advertised as a laptop safe, but I figure it's a good underbed pistol safe. It probably wouldn't fit in a bedside drawer unless you had a fairly big drawer.

I just wanted it to mainly keep my kids and firearms separate. Better than nothing for a casual thief, plus it does have a cable if you wanted to cable it to something.

It has 5 push buttons and a * to enter, so only 6 buttons. Two rows of 3 buttons. Easy to feel in the dark, and you can set a variable length custom electronic code. It unlocks then you turn a large knob to open it.

Of course has a key override. Comes with 2 keys. BATTERIES INCLUDED.

This is the cheapest I saw using Froogle, and for a gun safe, I didn't see any cheaper with an electronic lock.

It's also fire resistant and has eggshell foam on the bottom. You could get into it with a hammer probably but again, it's more of a safety item with some anti theft benefits for a good price in my book.

Would easily hold 2-3 pistols or extra clips etc.

Of course, it's also a pretty decent lock box for any sort of light use.

From Wal

# Large enough for laptops up to 17?
# Includes a 48? security cable (torque strength of 660 lbs)
# Double Steel Wall Construction with Fire Retardant Insulation

Other info from various sites:
5.62" x 17.56" x 12.81"

Rated well on the few reviews I could find, I'm happy with mine, and I think the price is good for the product and great for a 'gun safe'. That adds a bunch to the cost just like when you put 'aviation grade' on something.

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