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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

iPhone Shortcomings Apple Needs to Fix

Here's my problem: the iPhone is schizo.

I'm not talking in terms of it being a convergence device, though that's true. It's a phone, iPod, still camera, a very capable internet machine, and a decent gaming device.

It's the fact that it does a lot of things sooooo successfully (bordering on amazingly) and then some basics are left out.

I'm a fan of whatever platform works. I've been PC, I've been Mac, I've been Windows Mobile and now iPhone. I'll use whatever seems to work the best. Right now I'm moving towards Apple.
The things it does so well make me willing to overlook the shortcomings and hope Apple fixes them. Which I think they will, as to me, they seem to care the most about their customer base.

Here's my beefs:

1. No video on the camera. Every cheap phone out does this. People throw phones away that do this. Seriously, Apple?

2. No cut and paste. Related: no undo. Example: you're emailing that photo out, and accidentally delete the photo but the rest of your text is still there. Gotta start over. COME ON. You can't undo and you can't cut and paste what you do have into a new message. Crap. How about letting us insert an attachment into the email, like, say, A PHOTO.

3. No tethering. An option on so many phones on the AT&T network, so why not the iPhone? Is it because it would be too simple to use on the iPhone and people might actually use it? This one I can sort of understand and live without, but it would be nice for once in a while. I think you can suck just about as much data without it, so why not add it?

4. No notes sync. Anywhere. With Outlook or with the Mac. Just add it to iTunes or create a simple little app to edit them on the Mac. Or build it into iTunes through the OS X text editor. This shouldn't be so hard to add.

5. No SMS forwarding. Kinda a pain sometimes.

Really, fix that stuff and I'll be pretty darn happy.

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