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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sad Tag: Goodbye Polaroid

This is really a shame. They aren't going to make Polaroid instant camera film any more. I've got a fair amount of pictures of my kids when they were young. The childcare place would take pictures and give them to the parents. Now, no more.

Polaroid hasn't made the cameras for about a year, and the film stock will run out some time in 2009.

I know it's all gone digital, but theroblog is urging you to save it all, and keep backups for gosh sakes. I use two hard drives worth about $1oo each. I use iPhoto, and have a backup of that, AND a backup of my backup.

I don't recommend DVD or optical media, because those have an unknown lifespan. Seldom powered on hard drives are good for yeeeeeaaaaarrrrsss and someday you'll replace it with a much higher capacity drive anyway right?

At least your digital photos won't fade, but do you have your copies made?

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