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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Apple iTunes still not DRM Free

Like most big companies, with a large span of control, you don't always get what you want as a consumer. Apple can be some of the worst offenders, yet at the same time make very good stuff.

And a lot of their stuff uses open standards.

AAC vs. MP3? Well, just use a higher bitrate, IMHO. I don't have a golden ear.

Here's the thing that bugs me: they announced no more DRM, but I just downloaded a song (a FREE giveaway!) that made me authorize my PC to play it.

I listened to it once and then deleted it. It wasn't a bad song, but Apple can keep that crap.

Check the Amazon MP3 store is my recurring advice. Play it, copy it, burn it, whatever. PLEASE don't pirate.

Just wait on the bargains. Like the free / cheap stuff they have all the time.

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