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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Halo Wars: Frontline Report

Now there's a title for the next game in the series. Here's my mini review:

It's fun, but it's not life changing. Gather stuff, build ever more powerful stuff, upgrade that, blow stuff up.

Sometimes I think it's a Blizzard title, but then I remember it's not.

Plusses: Not having to actually gather stuff. Just upgrade your depot/warehouse/thingy that stores stuff and it comes to you. Optionally, gather crates you find about the map.

Minusses: The controls are quite good for a console, but you will always pine for a mouse and keyboard.

Worth downloading the demo to be sure.

Here's my pitch: how about a game where you are a reporter on the front lines? That's a new one. Capture your footage without getting killed. Have different views and events you have to capture on camera. Put those camera and mic console attachments to good use and the game puts the real you in front of ingame footage you've captured. Post your 'reports' automatically to youtube. No?

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