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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Croonchy Stars and other Childhood Cereals

Man, are kids breakfast cereals this much fun these days? Ok, granted, I was older when these came out but still.

Here's one I recall, and would probably buy again. Wow! 7 cents off! Cue the Moby Dick references.

I guess I could always pick out the vanilla half of the Cocoa Puffs Combos (which I have a box of right now.)

You can find pics of old cereal boxes and stuff here. The coolest part is looking at those old prizes you will actually remember. I wonder what happened to my Flintstone coin holder. Remember when it was IN the box and you didn't have to mail away for it?

Want! I currently don't own any Rhodium coated jewelry.

Now that you're hungry, look over on the right side of the page for the coupons.com banner and print the ones you want. I recently used the Raisin Bran and the one for the Cocoa Puffs Combos. It ended up being about $3 for both boxes ($1.50 average.) I like the Combos because they are slightly lower sugar and aren't as thirst-generating-ly chocolate.


Rob said...

My favey:


Suzanne said...

I had Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch recently. It scraped off the first two layers of the roof of my mouth, just like in childhood. Whee!

Rob said...

Yes, it leaves 'skin stalactites'. HEB makes a cheap version of the Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter that is less than $2 IIRC and is very good. Aldi also has one about the same price. I sometimes just eat them out of the bowl sans milk.

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