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Monday, January 24, 2011

No More Excuses: A 10 Minute EFFECTIVE Workout

No more excuses!

Don't have time for P90X style results? Try this one. *10 Minutes*. Granted, it's going to be intense, but now you can't claim you don't have time any more.

Got a little more time? Do more than one workout; do two or three of the different workouts.

"I don't have time" has got to be the #1 excuse I hear. Well, no more. What you really mean is: "I don't want to" in some capacity. If that's what you mean, we can't help you. But if you really want an effective workout, and you really don't have the time, here's your program.

I'll bet that after you get in the fitness habit, you'll decide to do more than 10 anyway.

EVERYONE'S got ten minutes. Use it wisely.

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